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About Us

We, Saanika Industries Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters, based at Surat , Gujarat (India) providing premium quality Polyester Draw Textured yarn which is extensively used in the textile industry. We seek to innovate constantly and are using the best quality raw material that imparts desirable durability and strength to the yarns which has distinguish us and have led us to export our products to more than 120 countries worldwide.

Our Oeko-Tex certification ensures the high quality standards of our products. We are also a Government Recognized TWO STAR EXPORT HOUSE having ISO 9001:2008 certification.

At Saanika, the strategic focus revolves around consistent value creation through innovation, cost optimization, integration, product mix value addition, quality certification and superior technology.

A leading manufacturer and exporter of Polyester Draw Textured yarn (DTY) based at Surat – Gujarat (India)Saanika Industries has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a textile company to a renowned name and a leader in the domestic market as well as one of the most preferred producers and exporters of Polyester Draw Textured yarn globally. The company was established by Mr. Omprakash Agarwal in the year 1991. Mr. Sumit Agarwal joined the company in the year 1995 with a primary aim of providing the best quality yarns for textile and apparel industries for the domestic market.

We are a fully integrated textile company and are amongst India’s largest textile yarn manufacturers.Under the guidance of Mr. Omprakash Agarwal and the expert mentorship of Mr. Sumit Agarwal, Saanika Industries started growing its roots in the International Market too in year 2005. The company already touched “Two Star Export House Certification” within a very short period of time. We are proud for our adherence to reliability and commitment towards quality which make us capable enough to establish lifelong customer relationship and a Market leader for Polyester Yarn.

Attaining Leadership
Our strategy for attaining this leadership position was indeed simple. Saanika invested into modern plant and machinery to achieve global competitiveness both in terms of quality and cost structure. The driving forces behind the phenomenal growth of our Company consists of enthusiastic attitude towards quality products, long term relation with our customers and deep insight into the trends and changes of business scenario in the ever changing world. We are making efforts to create wealth adopting modern technology which will enable the customer who associate with us to have the comfortable lifestyle they desire. To achieve this goal, we focus to produce innovative products and set new standards of quality through continuous improvement.

Our Quality Policy
  • To maintain an uncompromising quality in all aspects of our activities.
  • To extend the highest level of satisfaction to our customers.
  • To establish a preeminent working environment for the employees along with regular knowledge upgrading and training programs to be conducted at the premises.
  • To provide the best after sales service to maintain a long standing customer relationship
Today, Saanika Industries is one of the top exporters of Draw Textured yarn from the country exporting to more than 120 countries worldwide. Within years of establishment, the group has not only created several benchmarks but has also established milestones for the forthcoming generations. Certification
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